Entomol has developed an exclusive supply chain to provide world markets with the active ingredient and formulations for a breakthrough plant-based insect repellent for humans, pets and livestock.

Insect-borne diseases are on the rise in the US and elsewhere. An insect bite now means more than just discomfort; insect repellents are now a disease-prevention measure.

Entomol invites companies to private-label and distribute an EPA registered product that is bio-based and equally as effective as any synthetic chemical product on the market; up to seven hours of protection.

With its essential oil properties, this product can be used to better protect infants by combining it with sunscreen. There are also benefits for the pet and livestock industries. Livestock owners will incur fewer losses due to insect infestation. Pet owners will have another option to protect their pets and themselves from insects.

This is an agricultural technology that will benefit the farming communities and consumers worldwide.

Entomol is the exclusive producer of this product. No other company has the capabilities,certifications or licenses to grow and process the active ingredient.

We are excited to launch a revolutionary product that is nature-based, has protective health care benefits, demonstrates excellent financial opportunities and is beneficial for people at the beginning and the end of the supply chain.

Entomol, we’re good for people. Bad for bugs.