Our management team is made up of senior financial, international development, scientific and agricultural managers with the experience needed to launch and scale the company.


Mark Sloneker, Founder, CEO

Mark was raised working on a 180 year old family farm in Illinois. He studied bioscience and earned a degree in marketing. He has 30 years’ experience developing brands, launching companies and marketing products worldwide through his own marketing consultancy. He sold his first firm to a global IT company, developing their US and European offices’ marketing divisions. With a passion for travel and other cultures, Mark has worked with companies in other countries developing supply chains, business systems, quality control standards, branding, marketing and creating fair trade import channels into the US, Europe and Asia.



Doug Tatum, Founder

Doug served as chairman and CEO of Tatum LLC for over 17 years, growing the company to the largest executive services consulting firm in the US, with over 1,000 employees and professionals in 30 offices. He then served on the board of Tatum LLC and later as chairman emeritus until the company merged with Spherion Corporation (NYSE:SFN) in early 2010. A recognized expert on the capital markets and entrepreneurial growth businesses, he has testified before Congress on many occasions concerning the financing issues faced by growing companies and US tax policy. Doug is chairman of Newport Board Group and is Entrepreneur in Residence at the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at Florida State University.



Sally Smedal, CFO

Sally is applying her expertise in building the business model from experience in agricultural product development and management. Sally is setting up financial projections and tracking for current and future structure of the business, building the financial  model for tracking production at commercial scale with multiple clients and producers. Sally will oversee management of funds, vendors and producers. All financial day-to-day aspects of business, management of registrations, production flow, price setting and revenue projections will be under her supervision.



Dr Jag Sheth, Partner

Dr. Jagdish Sheth is a renowned scholar and world authority in the field of marketing. His insights on global competition, strategic thinking and customer relationship management are considered revolutionary. Dr. Sheth is the Charles H. Kellstadt Chair of Marketing in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Earlier in his career, he was a distinguished faculty member at the University of Southern California, the University of Illinois, Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Sheth has published more than 200 books and research papers on marketing and business strategy, many of them considered classic references. Dr. Sheth is an advisor to the governments of India and Singapore, helping them develop policies and opportunities for economic development locally and abroad. Dr Sheth is a board member and advisor to may well-known Fortune 500 companies here in the US and in Asia.



Jayant Shah, Partner, India

Jayant is a lawyer and chartered accountant and our partner in Bangalore, India. He works as an independent organizational and management consultant to large Indian companies and also serves as co-founder and director-business at the Academy of Indian Marketing. Jayant supervises production, quality control, contract negotiations and supply chain logistics in India.



Brent Sapp, Partner

Brent is a senior director of marketing and sales with over 20 years’ experience in large healthcare corporations. He is the founder and managing director of INC.Navigator, an online consulting service for emerging companies and CEOs in need of strategic planning and structural management evolution. Brent has written articles for many business publications on the subject of management organization and business strategy.

Mark Scialdone PhD, Co-creator HCO, Scientific Advisor

Mark was a senior research chemist at DuPont Central Research & Development before launching BetterChem Consulting. Named as co-inventor on several key patents, Mark developed the analytical chemistry underpinning the EPA registration of HCO as a bio-pesticide. His focus is on increasing extraction rates, scaling production, and improving the efficiency of the supply chain, from-source materials to costs, processing quality-control measures, and shelf life and inventory issues. Mark is an expert in organic synthesis, catalysis, natural product chemistry, plant oil extraction, characterization, analysis and chemical modification.